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      1, switching sequence:

      Tail: the first boot after the tail. Off screen: first off screen, after the shutdown

      (first off the computer does not turn off the display, will cause the screen to appear high highlights, led burning lamp, the consequences are serious. )

      2, switch screen time interval is greater than 5 minutes.

      3, the computer control software into the project, can spread electricity.

      4, avoid the peacock white screen in full screen mode, because the impact of current at the maximum.

      5, to avoid out of control under the tail, because the impact of current at the maximum.

      A computer does not enter the control software and other procedures;

      B computer not energized;

      C control part of the power is not open.

      HERSHEY'S 6, the ambient temperature is too high or the cooling conditions, LED lighting should be careful not to long time tail.

      7, electronic display part, appears very bright, should pay attention to timely and off screen, in this state should not be long tail.

      8, often appear on the screen of the power switch trip, should be timely check the screen or replace the power switch.

      9, regularly check the solid condition of the hang joint. If there is a loose phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re reinforcement or renewal of hanging pieces.

      10, according to the large screen display screen, the control part of the environmental conditions, avoid insect bites, when necessary, should be placed on anti poison.

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