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      Indoor full color series
      PH3 full color led display

      PH3 full color led display

      Pixel pitch: 3mm
      Best viewing distance: ≥ 3m
      Installation: indoor solid
      Application places: usually used in indoor hall, television studio, exhibition hall, theater, government departments, conference rooms, entertainment venues, schools, hospitals, performing arts centers and other places prominent position, can display text, graphics, images, video and so on.


      • Features
      • Details
      • Application
      1. Indoor P3.0 thirty-two sweep full color surface paste three-in-one unit board is mainly by the red LED chip, green LED chip and blue LED chip package for a pixel after the composition of the matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit to make;
      2. This unit board contains the driver chip and input buffer chip, connected to the LED display control system to display video, image and text information;
      3. Through the OE signal to drive the red LED, green LED and blue LED driver chip, can form 43980 million color transformations;
      4. This unit board can be staggered by horizontal and vertical direction, so as to spell different sizes of the display;
      5. Features of the cell board:
      With ultra-bright LED and high-quality plastic parts
      High contrast can achieve good display
      Lightly easy to install, disassemble
      Can be a single point, single lamp maintenance, low cost
      Using constant current drive LED, light uniform, low power consumption
      Pixel pitch of 3.0mm, a total of 64 * 64 pixels, each pixel by 1R1G1B composition

      Point spacing: 3mm
      Module pixels: 64 * 64 points
      Module size: 192 * 192mm
      Scan mode: 1/32 scan
      Pixel density: 111111 points / ㎡
      Brightness: ≥ 1400M / ㎡
      Module weight: 0.25kg / pcs
      Maximum power consumption: 700W / ㎡

      Use power consumption: 230 ~ 350W / ㎡
      Best viewing distance: ≥ 3M
      Lamp Type: SMD2121
      Driver IC: Constant current chip with blanking
      Refresh frequency: ≥1200HZ

      Change frame frequency: 60Hz

      Decay rate (3 years): ≤15%
      Color temperature: 3000-12000K
      Blind rate: <0.0001, factory 0
      Viewing angle: Level: 140 °, vertical: 120 °
      Grayscale: 13Bit

      Input voltage: AC220V ± 10% or AC110V ± 10%

      Input frequency: 50 / 60Hz

      Signal transmission distance: ultra-five network cable 100m, multi-mode fiber 500m, single-mode fiber 10km

      External interface: S-Video, VGA, CVBS, DVI, YPrPb, HDMI, SDI, etc. (optional)

      Use temperature: -10 ~ +40 ℃

      Use humidity: 10% to 80%

      【Application】: for a variety of military aerospace command, traffic security monitoring and dispatch, radio and television media, video conferencing, urban planning exhibitions, such as different indoor places, sports venues, banks, securities, bus stations, docks, shopping malls, Telecommunications, offices, schools, restaurants, businesses, government squares, leisure plaza, large entertainment plaza, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, train station, stage background.

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